Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Teeth

Miss Makenlee got her first two teeth a day apart. 
Her little smile is impossibly cute- Mike and I just can't get enough of it!
She is teething again and I couldn't bare the thought of not having a picture of her cute grin. So even though she felt like this

And I have about 30 pictures like that. 

It was worth it for these

 These are the grin that melts me- those little teeth and her scrunched up nose!

 ALWAYS feeling those teeth with her tongue!
Love you Baby Sister XOXO

Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Fun

 Practicing balance during his swing at sports camp.
 Little cuties holding hands in the car
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Maddux has been collecting basketball stickers as a  reward for eating all his food. He was SOOO excited to finally get a Jazz one!
 MJ sporting her new sunglasses. She is not a fan and takes them off almost immediately.
 Grandma got all the kids matching Easter clothes so we did a photo shoot when we were in Poky. Cute little munchkins!

 CUTEST kids!
 Maddux has been working hard on his writing and he is getting so good!
 After being in Pocatello for a few days with Daddy, Maddux came home and gave me this pen. He told me next time he is in Pocatello and I'm missing him so much I can just look at the pen and remember how much he loves me! Sweet boy!
Maddux has discovered selfies and Mike and I are always finding these gems on our phones :)

 Maddux discovered his new favorite place to eat- Cheerleaders! Nine sports channels at the table!

 MJ at cheerleaders
 Maddux filled his bucket up with good choices and chose Krispy Kreme for his reward.
 Snacks at Grandma's :)
Maddux stayed up late reading in his bean bags and crashed.
My favorites!


  Makenlee Joy is 9 months old!
We started off your eighth month of life with a cold and cutting your first 2 teeth just a day apart. You were feeling quite crummy, but shortly after your teeth came in you were back to all smiles. Your smile with those 2 little teeth is impossibly cute! I still haven't managed a picture- I HAVE to get it though because they are so cute!!
At the end of the month you started pulling yourself up and opening cabinets.

 You are a BUSY little bee. You adore your brother and trying to keep up with him. You love to play with his toys. You love the preschoolers and playing in the preschool room.
My attempt to contain you during preschool.
You love to eat and will eat ANYTHING! (Except rice cereal, that's the only thing we've seem you turn down). You eat baby food without complaint, but you love to eat bits of our food the best! We went to Texas Roadhouse with Grandma and Grandpa and Hailey and your cousins. Everyone was feeding you bites of everything and you were in heaven. You tried rolls, tomatoes, ranch, ribs, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes. You despise your bottle and despite our best efforts you have almost given it up altogether.
You love baths, especially sucking on the wash rag.
At your check up you weighed in at 19lbs 3oz- 70th percentile, 28inches long- 65th percentile, and your head was in the 70th percentile. 
You are darling, happy, sweet and easy. You have decided you love your binkie and still LOVE your blankie. Since your teeth came in, you cant keep your tongue off of them! You love attention and hate to be ignored. You are loud- you love to babble, squawk, scream and yell at the top pf your lungs!
We still call you all forms of sister- Baby Sister, Little Sister, Sis Kiss, Kisster, Bister, Kiss and we throw in pumpkin, sweets and MJ every once in a while.
We all just love you to pieces Baby girl! XOXO Mommy

Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Fun

 We kicked off February with a big snow storm.

 Love these two! Bedtime snuggles
 Guys night- bowling!


 MJ's cheeser face
 You can't really tell, but I attempted a curl on the top of Makenlee's head. She barely has enough hair :)
 Fun at Jump Time!
 While brother's away sister LOVES to play!

 little Jazz fan

Lily and Makenlee all ready for church
 Little Miss LOVES her little owl

 Registered this cute boy for KINDERGARTEN?!?!
 Fun at sports camp

 Makenlee and her bestie Penny showed up to Chick-Fil-A in matching shirts
 Playing in the preschool
Maddux playing with all his cards