Thursday, July 17, 2014


Maddux played his second year of Tball this year. Although he would have preferred to be pitched to, he still loved it. He had some much fun this year- his best bud, Woodson, was on his team and Dad was the coach!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


 For our Brian family reunion this year we stayed in Tamarack for 4 days! It was lots of fun!

 I think Makenlee's favorite part was the stairs- we have no stairs in our house, so it was a new adventure.

 She loved her new baby doll. We walked into a toy store and she grabbed this right off the shelf and refused to let it go. She cried and cried when we left so Grandma went back and got it for her. MJ snuggled that baby all weekend long!
 Maddux's favorite was a toss up between golfing with the boys

 catching a hockey game in McCall

 and staying in a cabin with his cousins!
 We also did some fishing

 and played at the beach in McCall.

 All the kids LOVED swimming at the Tamarack lodge

 Snuggling Uncle Nathan
Watching the kiddos swim, enjoying the view of Osprey Meadows

Monday, July 7, 2014

Eleven Months

Makenlee Joy is eleven months old! She is so sweet and happy and BUSY! Seriously, this girl has no time for relaxing- she is always on the go!
Colt and Danni outgrew this fun toy and gave it to Makenlee- she loves it!
She climbs all over it and goes up and down the slide.

Always blowing raspberries.
Loves ringing the bell in the preschool!
Loves Octonaut toys.
The exersaucer can no longer contain her!
Little Miss Busy body got into the preschool paints and dumped them everywhere!
This little one is a climber! She can climb and get on anything- yikes!

Screaming- always
Loves cheese sticks- thinks she is big enough to just eat a whole one. She eats everything and anything- literally.
Loves emptying laundry baskets and scattering clothes
or emptying dish towels from drawers

My happy, sweet, smiley baby girl!