Monday, December 8, 2014

Cincinnati Vacation

When we were starting to plan our vacation, we asked Maddux where he would rather go- Disneyland or Cincinnati. Without hesitation, he chose Cincinnati!
 On the plane headed to Cincinnati. He was so excited! He watched the flight tracker the whole time and kept track of what state we were in, which state was next, and how much time was left.
 This boy LOVES the Reds and was so excited to be at Great American Ball Park (his Happiest place on Earth).

 Mr. Redlegs, Maddux Red, and Rosie Red
 So excited to meet Mr. Redlegs
 For our first game we had sweet seats and watched the Reds beat the Nationals. It was CRAZY hot, but we went early and stayed late and loved every second.
 We were right by the Reds dugout

 We watched our second game from right field, right behind our favorite player- Jay Bruce.
 We made this sign and cheered our hearts out and it worked. Jay Bruce pointed right at Maddux and tossed a ball up to Mike. Best moment of Maddux's life I think :)

 One of Maddux's favorite things was the kids field.

 Steak and Shake- surprisingly even my picky Maddux liked their food so we enjoyed it more than once :)
 We watched our last game from the Bruce Crew seats and Maddux saved his Bruce jersey to wear there.
 The Reds were not ready for us to go home so they battled it out for 14 innings!!
Other things we enjoyed on our trip were hotel swimming, of course, and Dick's clearance event (Reds stuff EVERYWHERE, it's so hard to find in Idaho!)
Maddux loved that we were in 3 different states- we flew into Kentucky, our hotel was in Indiana, and the stadium was in Ohio. 
One of his most favorite things was that our hotel had 2 queen beds so Daddy took one bed and Mommy and Maddux snuggled in the other.

Grandpa Brian was so excited to hear all about our trip and to wear his new Reds shirt!


All the puppys at Grandma Burrup's loved Makenlee and all the food she dropped for them
 MJ and her buddy CC
 Impossibly cute

 This is how Makenlee enjoyed her Fourth of July boating trip

 Fun at the Hawks game on the Fourth of July
 Fun at Big Al's with cousins

 New suitcase for our vacation- so excited!!
 Both kids' favorite toy! Maddux at 13 months and Makenlee at 12 and a 1/2

 Maddux and Brenna backyard swimming

 Makenlee still HATES the car
 Backyard swimming fun

 Fun at Lava. Maddux LOVED it and was so brave! He climbed to the top by himself and went down!!